Sprinklers in the Basement

Parked cars have tanks full of fuel. Controlling a fire in such an environment is very critical. This is the reason why there are two types of sprinklers in the basement. The kind that are installed in your apartment that automatically turn on when they reach 68º Celsius and another type call Water Curtain Nozzles.

Water Curtain Nozzles do not contain a glass bead, they are a specific type of sprinkler head that creates a linear spray of water that resembles a curtain. These sprinklers are manually triggered by personnel at the Fire Control Panel. Here’s how it works.

The basements are compartmentalised into zones of 3000 sqm area. Each zone is enclosed by a series of Water Curtain Nozzles that when turned on, effectively encase the zone in a curtain of water. This mitigates fire travel to a great degree. If a temperature of 68 degrees triggers any one of the regular sprinklers, an alarm will flash on the fire panel indicating the exact zone which needs to be cordoned off by the water curtains. Once first responders reach the panel they can manually trigger the water curtains in that specific zone.