TSPA (APPA) Junction

2 & 3 BHK Apartments
Starting ₹1 Cr*
your commute to HITEC City and Financial District is just a 15 to 17 minute drive on the Nehru outer ring road
Sprawled across 25 acres, this vibrant gated community offers 14 towers in total, 13 of which have already been delivered. PBEL CITY located away from the city but still near everything important.
1,208sft to 1,979sft
2,000+ Families Live Here
Ready to move-in
Easy Airport Access
Fully Equipped Gymnasium
16 Lakh Litre per day STP
2.43 Acres Clubhouse
HMWSSB Water Supply
INDIS Propcare Services
2 Tennis Courts
2 Swimming Pools
TSPA (APPA) Junction

Peeramcheruvu, Rajendra Nagar Mandal, Ranga Reddy District, Hyderabad-500091
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off the nehru outer ring road, near lush boulder hills and a lake
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Lakeside is located at PBEL City off the Nehru Outer Ring Road. This is just a 15 minute drive to HITEC City and Financial District
Built with precision moulded concrete structures to ensure factory-like repeatable quality in each home.
Shear Wall
The monolithic structure is stronger, has a longer life and is more earthquake resistant.
Unified build process. Structure, walls, electrical and plumbing are installed and built simultaneously.
No need for plastering because the wall surface is smooth and precise.
Pleasing and functional interior walls that don’t have visible beams and columns.
The factory-like repetitive ‘build and check’ process ensures predictable quality.
Concrete is an excellent insulator. Our buildings are cooler and have better sound insulation.
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Material Brands Used
Masterplan and
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The Square - Clubhouse
Sports Arena
2.43 Acre Clubhouse
2 Swimming Pools
Banquet Hall
Pinks N Bloos Salon/Spa
The Indian Public School (TIPS)
Indoor Badminton Court
Indoor Games
Squash Court
Restaurant Space
Every balcony railing has vertical divisions. This ensures that children cannot climb them.
Depending on the height of the building, 1.1m to 1.2m high balcony railings ensure safety on any floor.
Apart from a few horizontal railing members that are a structural requirement, all other railing members are vertical.
Compliant with the Bureau of Indian Standards National Building Code.
4 level redundancy fire fighting infrastructure. Early warning smoke detectors and triple pump fire sprinkler system.
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Fire Safety
Every floor has early warning fire measures like hand-held extinguishers and water hoses.
In case a fire is too intense for early warning fire measures, follow the exit signs and evacuate the building.
A pressurized network of pipes feed the fire sprinklers in every room of your house.
Every fire sprinkler has a temperature activated glass bulb that melts at 68° Celsius.
Only the fire sprinklers in the region of the fire will activate when a fire melts the glass bulbs.
Temperature Activated Sprinkler
Three redundant water pumps activate in sequence when they sense a drop in water pressure. This ensures the sprinklers are fed with a constant water pressure.
Pump 1 is an electric pump capable of delivering 180 litres per minute.
Pump 2 is a high capacity electric pump which can deliver up to 2250 or 2850 litres per minute, depending on the height of the building. This pump switches on if Pump 1 is unable to maintain water pressure.
Pump 3 is a high capacity diesel pump which can also deliver up to 2250 or 2850 litres per minute, depending on the height of the building.
This diesel pump switches on if Pump 1 and 2 are unable to maintain water pressure or if the electrical power supply fails.
will melt the temperature activated glass bulb
and active the sprinkler.
The engineering that ensures your water comes to you at the right quality and pressure.
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Treatment and reuse of Sewage Water drops the overall quantity of water needed by a factor of 40.9%.
Metered water usage on an apartment level reduces water consumption patterns.
Low flow, water-efficient fixtures imitate the flow characteristics of regular fixtures while using 30% less water.
Pneumatic Booster Pumps actively boost water pressure to the upper floors.
Pressure Reducing Valves are passive mechanisms that reduce water pressure across lower floors.
Pressure Reducing Valve
TS RERA Number: P02400003490
* These are randomly clicked pictures of work in progress from preceding month. Not to be considered as progress in entirety.
Lakeside Update
Door Frames installation in progress at 30th floor, Corridor Flooring completed at 30th floor, Staircase Windows installation completed at 30th floor, 2nd coat painting works completed till 9th floor, Corridor False Ceiling works completed till 13th floor, Toilets False ceiling works in corridor completed till 12th floor, External painting works in progress, Fire Pumproom works in progress, Electrical works in progress in 13th & 20th floors, Lift installation works in progress. External: Drain wall casting works in progress at podium, North podium Waterproofing works in progress, Basement east side grade slab completed, Terrace water proofing works in progress.